New Release and Review – Pierce by Penelope Louleas




Title: Pierce
Series: Runaway Home #1.5
Author: Penelope Louleas
 Release Date: February 16, 2015


Pierce. He’s every woman’s fantasy.
Pity he’s not interested in women.
Fierce loyalty has meant his own needs have often taken a
back seat, until he can’t ignore them any longer. Kissing his playboy
bachelor-lifestyle goodbye, he’s ready to give himself to the one.
The only problem is his dream man isn’t so sure.
Done with playing it safe, Pierce goes all out to prove that
the love they have for each other isn’t wrong; in fact, nothing has been more
But when the object of your affection isn’t so easily
convinced, how much of yourself are you willing to compromise for true love?
The fear of falling in love and being rejected, that fear
can bring a man to his knees. 

It’s not just a broken heart that’s at stake.



I’ve wanted to read Pierce’s story since he was first introduced in Penelope’s debut novel, Harbour.
He had this domineering, overprotective, alpha presence about him. And he gave off such a mysterious vibe that I couldn’t help being intrigued by him.
Let’s face it, gay or not, Pierce is HOT, and I still wanted him something fierce.
Coming in to this story, I was fully expecting that M/M hotness… I got that, and so much more.
Pierce is undeniably a beautiful story. It’s told in a world where society doesn’t believe that same love is the right love. There are so many struggles, so many obstacles, so much bullshit people have to go through just to be “allowed” to love freely.
Penelope perceived this topic with such an amazing outlook. I was angry, heartbroken, cheering for them, and a whole lot turned on *wink*
Amazing job, Penelope! Thank you for giving us Pierce.

Rating  5 Stars!!


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Author Bio


Penelope Louleas is
an author from Melbourne, Australia. She lives with her husband, young daughter
and in late April, 2015, her son will be arriving. Penelope began writing
several years ago but only recently decided to try her hand at independent
publishing. When she’s not writing, Penelope is an avid reader and daydreamer.
Her debut novel, Harbour, was released on May 16th, 2014 and quickly became
an Amazon Australia best seller.
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