Review for The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester


Review: 4 stars

I’m a sucker for a sexually intense book that borderlines me wanting to stab the hero in the eye and licking him because he’s an asshole. This book was PERFECT for me! Dane and Kennedy’s families have been enemies since way back, and it was instilled into Dane that he should hate Kennedy because of the name that runs through her blood. Only now, he has personal reasons to despise her…But damn if that boy doesn’t want her! It makes for an extremely angst-filled story. They give in (secretly) to the attraction that torments them both, and accept that their time is limited. When secrets are revealed, and their past is ripped to the surface, brace yourself, because your heart will be shattered. I have NEVER wanted to cut someone as much as I did Dane in that moment. They hate each other with a passion, but there’s a fine line between love and hate…and they make me want to find my cliché. Great read!


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