Tijan Franchise Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by our post on the Tijan Franchise Blog Hop!   Posted below is our part of the excerpt. To catch all of it I’ve posted the blog before ours and where to head for the next part at the bottom below the excerpt!  To make it even more exciting  Tijan is also giving away 2 ebooks AND 2 swag packs!     Enter Here!!!


Here it is!!


“Oh god.”
Logan flashed her a grin. “Again. Exactly. #Logansagodandnooneforgetaboutit. My tweets go out every Friday.” He glanced at Mason and said, a hint of fondness in his voice, “I’m missing Matteo. I need my one Soul Brother Connection to meet our other Soul Brother Connection.” He gestured to Corrigan, who lifted a hand and waved. “Sam,” Logan continued, waving a hand towards Sheldon, “use your magic and thaw-out this Queen Bee Killer. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you.” He spoke to Samantha again, “You and Jax need to bring her into the fold. If she’s connected to Corrigan, she’s going to have to learn how to love me. One way or another. I won’t let another Soul Brother Connection slip away.”
“Thaw me out?” Another sneer was beginning to form.
Logan kissed his fingers and held them in the air. “SBC-er. You won’t stand in our way.”
The sneer faltered. “Are you on crack?”
Sam spoke up, “No. He’s just mind-fucking you. He does this with certain people.”
Sheldon swung her gaze back to Logan, her eyebrows remained bunched together. Then she moved back a step. “I’m having enough problems between these two.” She motioned between Corrigan and Bryce. “I don’t need another guy being added to the mix. Sorry, SBC-er/mind-fucker/god-person, but I’m out. Banter with me tends not to end well, for both parties.” With those last words, she went to the table and took a seat, then poured herself a hefty glass of wine.
Logan laughed. “How’d you know I was mind-fucking her?”
“Because I felt like I was getting mind-fucked too.” Sam’s hand slipped back into Mason’s. She said to Logan, “You can’t sleep with her, you know.”
“Whoa.” The two guys who were friends with Sheldon, Corrigan and Bryce, both jerked backwards. The one with black hair said, “Seriously. We have enough problems.”
Corrigan bobbed his head up and down in a firm motion. “Oh yeah. Trust us. We have stalker issues. You don’t want our baggage.”
“We burned someone’s house down,” Logan replied.
Corrigan asked, “Was someone inside it?”
“Then we win. We have people dying in our saga.”
Logan’s head tilted to the side and he glanced to Mason.
“No.” Mason shook his head quickly. “We’re not killing Sebastion.”
“Okay.” But Logan had already moved on. He was studying the black-haired guy, Bryce, and he asked now, “Don’t you play soccer?”
“Yes, well, not right now.” He grimaced, sharing a look with his friend. “Like we said before. We’re going through some things right now.”
Corrigan grunted. “That’s putting it lightly.”
“Okay! Everyone!” A voice boomed from behind the kitchen counter.
“What the fuck?”



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