Review: Bound to You: Volume 1

Bound to You: Volume 1
Bound to You: Volume 1 by Vanessa Booke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I freaking LOVED this book! I’ve been waiting for this release since I first found out about it. The plot really intrigued me and when I finally got my greedy little hands on it I’m not gonna lie I totally did a happy dance. Right from the beginning paragraph I was hooked and loved Rebecca right away. She totally reminded me of some of my friends and totally made me wish we could hang out! I love that even though this is a serial series and so it’s a pretty quick read it didn’t feel rushed at all and I still got to know the main character and nothing felt rushed. Rebecca’s personality felt real and I really appreciate the amount of character building Vanessa put into such a short amount of pages. She’s witty and funny and I LOL’d a few times from comments that were made.

Now let’s get to Nicholas! Ohh I loved him! He has just enough of that Alpha male vibe to make me want more and I can’t wait to see how he handles Rebecca. Their chemistry felt organic and not forced at all and I really enjoyed the fact that Rebecca is a strong female character and gives Nicholas as much crap as she does. The attraction between them is crazy and I really can’t wait to see where this goes!

I loved this and I really can’t wait for more!

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